Understanding Specialist Communication Channel (P5)

Understanding specialist communication channel is where people can chatting with others for examples Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, E-mail etc. Here’s I am choosing a Blog. This channel are very useful for people to use it,  because we can also communicate with people that we didn't know, people from other country and meet a new people for your friendship. These communication are also can use for advertisement such as businesses. A lot of people will look at the advertisement for people who use the communication channel. It was a normal thing for their live. With this blog our task make it more people can be able to access and viewing it on the newspaper. It has a few ways to keep it safe on communication channel which are on the Twitter, can access to your Privacy Setting where you can change your settings so it only a certain people that can view your profile picture, posts, direct-message etc.

What is Blog?  

Blog is a place for people to share about their stories knowledge. Blog is somewhere to write our thoughts or feelings, but it depends on our privacy whether you want to share it and people can access on your blog. Blog are the one that most easier to use and updated and it can use for personal information or it can be a group in public. 

Describe the negative and positive social impacts of use of IT  (P6)

Social impact
We usually use computer more than we use in the past because everything that is more in computer. From shopping to calling as friends or family more people shopping in online, it much more easier because it is a faster and it doesn’t have to queuing or leave it in home. Nowadays, more businesses are open on their own website, so that people can shop in online. We are also use internet to chat like Facebook, Instagram and so on, we use this to communicate with family or friends that may be not in the same countries. Books are uploaded by in the internet so it was less people are going to library as you can get more than a selection online only.

Economic impacts
People are more have a choices of working from home and the decision it was better internet to access and it improved the work practice. Business also cutting the cost of office space by letting more people to work in home, so from there it has more job in the local energy in IT. This need more energy to use for the local energy with the people who are used in their home it is either computer or laptop.    

Legal impact
From the films and the other form of media are have to becoming easy to downloading in to the internet. It is increasing of website to let the copies films and music download. This is has a very big of drop in income for the films. It also has to make it easy for other people to copy or any of document, and it off as if there were own lead to the plagiarism.

Ethical impacts
Everyone has their information to being kept on the computer file rather than paper on office. In the past of information it was a simple to acquire the lead hackers to getting private. It is easier to leak the information in the internet and it is cooperate file to leak on the manor.

Explain how the communication channel was effective for a given purpose (M1)

Being a blogging is a lot of challenging. In this blogging is where you can get more experiencing for yourself. If we are not trying this blogging, we’re didn’t know how to use this and we lost a lot of experienced. We have to brave our self because if not we’re didn’t growing up as an individual and loss of confidence. If we are trying this blogging, it will give a positive thought in other people.   

Discuss the potential threats which the use of IT has introduced (M2)

The potential threats of use IT that has been introduced these occur at any time with the problems like this is can occur on gaming consoles too. The threats that I will taking about is increasing and effect of people in each day.

Cyber bullying
Cyber bullying is where on the rise as more and more teenagers are getting bullied on each year to the internet. The reason is more kids are used the internet or other than that known as social networking, that has been become a big threats more to people are suffered by from this problem.

Spam is a common things on computer that might be get. You will get a lot of emails or anything that saying you are won on a prize or etc. if your click the link that are given that may also get a virus because you’ve been checked that link. It could be bad if you already lost your email on your computer. This would be finding your name, password account and so on with the details. The best way to stop this spammers is by that Hotmail because it has a junk folder which is can stop you from spam messages and viruses on your computer.

Phishing is a something that where you can send your email ad saying that there is someone else that you might be known. It is either you trying to get your own personal details, for example your bank account, your address or anything that come from other personal details that send you email saying they’ve changed to your details. This is also bad for people that haven’t know much about this things. They may be will put the information and will get hacked. Just to make it sure that this is not a fake website to telling you changed your details. It is usually some of website are will asked for a security question. 

Denial of service

It is too many of people that trying to access for a server only at once. They can crash to the server, if it is means not to be able access they won’t be able to get for the data. The bad thing is you run for a business to server as it can crash and to stop for working. Way to getting this problem it will be had more server and limited to access on public used. 

Explain how to ensure safe and secure use of a specialist communication channel (D1)

Personal Information
To ensure for the safety it wasn’t to put their own personality information to the public like they have to give a phone number, emails etc. So people might can be use it for a certain people only. The identification it could be a ‘chief’. All people can doing like a different person it is also can do for anything at/with your detail. This nowadays, people would like to use a nickname just because it wanted to hiding from identity.

Viewing digital content
These viewing digital content are seeing to how viewing the media with the other stuff and students on internet. In this case, this is very important to take serious when it talking about the threats of virus and it was not good enough for people. The digital content can also conclude a virus contain that can some of people are hard to use it. It is including the spammers and it makes few of people annoyed to the internet. This possibly a main of threat to accompany.

Uploading digital content
About uploading digital content it is when you trying to put the digital image on the internet. Usually, it can be access to anyone else. It has a bigger to stand for the people who are getting hurt to the every of the stuff that must have posing or something that converts from the copyright by some works that are originally and showing to the labor and knowledge. Things about the posting digital are on the internet, that is will be a stay forever until it will be taken back by anyone else.

Respect towards others
Most of people are use internet, but at the same time some of people are really disrespect on the internet, so people will use their username with a fake name. Which they called as a trolling. People will get maddened cause of this people can’t use blog with perfectly.

Data protection regulations
Several of people are usually have to protect their regulations just in case that the data are entered, on that data or internet it will be protected. And then, it was be very important to keep the secret form your information. Ways of blog it can be open to tell at people about the information, it just need to make it sure if you wanted to created a blog, don't ever give any of personal information of customer to the internet. 


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